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We partner with insurance companies and are approved by all major warranty companies.

We offer a full range of regular maintenance services to ensure your European car is fuel efficient, safe and reliable. It can also help prevent any minor issues evolving into pricey repairs. However, over time vehicle parts will wear out making repairs or replacements necessary. Our specialist technicians will diagnose the fault with your vehicle and keep you informed, no work will be carried out without your authority.

Our full range of mechanical repair services includes:

transmission servicing

Transmission servicing is a key preventative measure. Repairing or replacing it is costly and most of the time this can be avoided by regular checks.

Free courtesy car available

We aim to minimise any inconvenience for you so please let us know if you need a courtesy car while we work on your vehicle.

WOF Repairs

We are an authorised NZTA Warrant of Fitness inspector. We check to ensure your European car is safe on the road, and carry out any necessary WOF repairs in-house.


There is no compromise when it comes to safety. We recommend having your brakes checked regularly. We machine discs or drums, replace brake pads/shoes, lubricate caliper slides and replace the brake fluid as needed.


Come in for FREE battery testing with our state-of-the-art digital tester. We stock quality Exide batteries which carry nationwide warranties ranging from 24 to 42 months.


A broken cambelt can result in very expensive engine damage. Cambelts should be replaced in line with your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations which can vary from 60,000 km to 100,000km.


Defective shocks or suspension could mean an extra 2.5 metres should you need to stop in an emergency. We carry out full shock absorber replacements, suspension and steering parts replacements. 


CV joints allow your vehicle to steer and go over bumps, and CV boots keeps the grease around that joint. If your CV joints make a loud clicking sound when turning your steering wheel, they may need replacing.


In the event you have a breakdown we can assist in arranging for your vehicle to be towed to the workshop for repairs.

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